FASCAT® Catalysts

Highly selective catalysts for esters, urethanes, and siloxanes

FASCAT® catalysts provide optimal conversion and curing characteristics - making these organometallic materials essential to a wide variety of applications.

From biofuels and synthetic lubricants to automotive e-coating, PMC Organometallix FASCAT® catalysts are used for synthesis of monomeric and polymeric esters, for crosslinking of siloxanes and urethanes, and as chemical intermediates.

FASCAT® catalysts are available in a range of reactivity and hydrolytic stability – with solid and liquid forms available to provide additional flexibility.

PMC Organometallix delivers this core product line globally to serve customers around the world. We’re always available to develop new or custom catalysts to meet our customers’ needs – click below to ask our experts for help with your next project.

FASCAT® Catalyst Selector

Use our FASCAT® Catalyst Selector to find the right catalyst for your application

FASCAT® 2000 SeriesFASCAT® 2000 Series

Compounds based on Tin(II), or Stannous, these highly active products have broad application space.

FASCAT® 4000 SeriesFASCAT® 4000 Series

Primary based on Tin(IV), or Stannic, this broad series includes monobutyl and dibutyl species.

FASCAT® 8000 SeriesFASCAT® 8000 Series

Dioctyl compounds based on Tin(IV).

FASCAT® 9000 SeriesFASCAT® 9000 Series

U.S. FDA grades approved for use in adhesives, coatings, and polymers with indirect food contact.

Not sure which of our FASCAT® catalysts is right for your needs?