FASCAT® 2000 Series

ProductChemical Name(s)Acronmym(s) or AbbreviationsCAS#EC#Molecular FormulaDescriptionChemical Structure
FASCAT® 2001Stannous oxalate814-94-8212-414-0C2O4SnWhite to off-white solid powder. Used in the production of monomeric and polymeric plasticizers, fatty acid esters, and synthetic lubricants.
FASCAT® 2003Stannous bis(2-ethylhexanoate)Stannous octoate301-10-0206-108-6C16H30O4SnPale yellow liquid, with multiple uses:
• production of oleochemicals; to catalyze silanol condensation reactions, such as RTV silicone
• used extensively for producing urethanes from the reaction of isocyanates and polyols
• when absorbed on silica is used in urethane powder coatings for exterior application
• used as a gelling catalyst in the production of flexible slabstock polyurethane foam
FASCAT® 2004Stannous dichlorideTin Salt7772-99-8231-868-0Cl2SnSolid white to off-white flaked material. An effective esterification catalyst in variety of industrial applications. It is used in the production of thermoplastic elastomers and as a raw material to produce other stannous tin derivatives.