About FASCAT® Catalysts

PMC is a leading global producer of organometallic catalysts.

PMC Organometallix is a leading global producer of a broad portfolio of stannous (tin II), monobutyltin, dibutyltin, and dioctyltin catalysts under the FASCAT brand name. Our catalysts are globally recognized for consistent performance. Quality assurance drives our manufacturing processes and provides peace of mind to our customers. As long as proper procedures are followed, FASCAT catalysts will perform consistently, batch after batch, no matter where in the world they are utilized.

PMC’s broad portfolio of high purity tin catalysts is offered in packages ranging from pails to totes. Our outstanding customer service is aligned with global availability and industry-leading technical know-how. FASCAT catalysts are the world’s trusted, cost-effective solution for esterification, transesterification and urethane and siloxane cross-linking.

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Your trusted performer

Electrocoat manufacturers trust FASCAT catalysts for the most exacting specifications for automotive and industrial resin and paste applications.

Your cost-effective solution

Ester manufacturers recognize FASCAT catalysts as superior to caustics and titanates due to overall lower manufacturing costs. Most applications require extremely low loading levels to achieve desired reaction rates.

FASCAT® catalysts can reduce costs compared to titanates:

  • Reduce capital costs of equipment needed to control for hydrolytic instability of titanates
  • Can be charged up front with other raw materials
  • Can be used at lower temperatures

Your regulatory partner

FASCAT 2000 and 4100 series products are very high purity - offering manufacturers seeking to minimize dibutyltin (DBT) and tributyltin (TBT) confidence when it comes to meeting stringent regulatory standards.

Your global partner

PMC Organometallix has the global production and warehousing capacity to provide the FASCAT product you need when you need it. Click here to see our list of global distributors.

Your formulating aide

FASCAT catalysts provide manufacturers of urethanes and siloxanes a cost-effective means of enhancing or varying cure speed and pot life.


FASCAT® catalysts are used in the production of:

  • Monomeric esters (plasticizers, synthetic lubricants, and biofuels)
  • Polymeric esters (coatings resins, polyester polyols, unsaturated polyester resins, and antioxidants)
  • Urethanes (polyurethane foams, floor varnish, automotive refinish, powder coatings, and e-coat)
  • Siloxanes (silicone caulks and sealants, MS polymer sealants, paper release coatings, RTV silicone rubbers, heat transfer agents, wetting agents & surfactants, electrical insulation)

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