FASCAT® 8000 Series

ProductChemical Name(s)Acronmym(s) or AbbreviationsCAS#EC#Molecular FormulaDescriptionChemical Structure
FASCAT® 8201Dioctyltin oxideDOTO870-08-6212-791-1C16H34OSnAmorphous white solid available in various particle sizes with several uses:
• widespread use in the aqueous cathodic electrodeposition of urethane coatings for automotive and industrial applications
• active transesterification catalyst for methacrylate esters that are used in the water treatment market
• high temperature transesterification reactions for the production of coating resins and specialty monomeric esters
• intermediate for heat stabilizers
FASCAT® 8202Bis(Lauroyloxy) Dioctyltin
Dioctyltin dilaurate
DOTDL / DOTL3648-18-8222-883-3C40H80O4SnYellow amber, oily liquid. A versatile catalyst used in various urethan cross-linking reactions and silanol condensation reactions.